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Larsen Brothers Plumbing Company was first established in Brigham City, Utah by brothers John and Einar Larsen in 1929.  A young apprentice, Jim Dixon, went to work for them in 1936 until he left to join the Navy during WWII.  He later returned and worked for the Larsen Brothers for many years before he purchased the business in 1972.

Jim's son, Alan Dixon, started working for the Larsen Brothers at the age of 12, he started his apprenticeship after his father took over the business, and he became licensed as a Journeyman Plumber in 1982.  He later took over the business in 1988 when Jim retired.

Alan's son, Ben Dixon, started working for his Dad at the age of 14.  He started his apprenticeship in 2006, and became licensed as a Journeyman Plumber in 2011.  He and Alan are currently working together.

Many people have asked why we are called Larsen Brothers Plumbing & Htg. when it should, perhaps, be called Dixon Plumbing.  However, we have chosen to keep the name of Larsen Brothers Plumbing & Heating because it is a well-established and well-trusted business which has been serving the plumbing needs of our community for generations.